I really want to start exercising more. I mean, who NEVER says that at least once in their life? We all woke up one day and said ‘okay tomorrow i’m gonna go running’ but finally didn’t do anything the next morning. Yes, i’m that type of person too, don’t worry. But about a month ago, I was looking for fitness things over the web and I read that, to be healthy, you have to walk around 10,000 steps per day, yeah… that’s a lot. SO I decided to challenge myself into walking around 10,000 steps a day. And here I come, one month after, I have NEVER did 10,000 steps a day, sorry.



Withings : I discover this app about one month ago, as I told you, scrolling in the app store, looking for the perfect app. This app is SOSOoo good as it calculates the number of steps you do during your day. This is so easy to use, you just have to have you phone in your pocket, let the app open, and here you go, you are ready to start walking 10,000 steps. In this app, you can also calculate your weight loss, your blood pressure and enter your meals by downloading another app, which I didn’t do personally, as I only use this app in order to calculate my steps, not my colories!