What’s next ?

Goshhhhhh, 2017, already? I cannot believe it has been a whole year. 2016 has been for me a year of achievement in my personal life, and my student life. A lot of things happened during this year, and I wanted to talk to you a little bit more about my personal life today.


First of all, in February, I started driving… I was SOsooo scared, but thanks god I had a very good monitor for the first weeks. Quickly, things started to be complicated as I changed monitor, the second one was AWFUL, So I decided to change monitor and come back with the first one, who was waaaaaay better ! I really feel like you have to have a good monitor, who you feel confident with. 

May was coming very quickly and May means exams in France. I already passed my first semester back in January and I HAD to pass the second one. In June came the results and : I GOT IT. I was literally crying when I got the results, this was such an accomplishment for me, doing THE thing I loved. This university year was so INCREDIBLE, I have discover amazing person, an amazing university, in which I love what I’m studying  (languages), everything was perfect. 

As always during the holidays in July, I went to the south of France with my parents and my brother. These holidays were sooooooo great, I met amazing people, and I am soooo grateful that I got to spend 2 weeks with them, we had so much fun! These holiday made my grew up, physically and emotionally. When I came back to my house, I felt like I was another person, stronger, and that is when I started thinking about my blog… 

I wanted a space to myself. But actually, the more I was thinking about it, the more I was thinking : you are not confident enough. After few days, and weeks thinking about that, I told myself that I gonna do this for me, just to share what I wanna share, nothing to be ashamed of. After week of planning it, I launched it on the 1st of October. Tomorrow, my blog gonna turn 3 months, yaaaaaay!

In September, things got reaaaaaal when I finally passed my driving licence, woooooop. Actually, after 4 months or so, I’m still scared to drive, and never took the motorway, CALM DOWN, we gonna do this step by step! Butttttt, this is coming, listening to good music and singing out loud helps a lot! 

This year was amazing, thank you to every single person who helps make this year as amazing as I would have wished. Today, it’s the 31st of December, I want to wish you, of course, a happy new year 2017 !!!