The FIRST Outfit Post.


I’m quite boring when shopping time comes. I much prefer going out for shopping by myself rather than going with my friends (I love you anyway), and when winter is here I tend to rush even more in the shops, in order to find the PERFECT outfit. I am this type of girl, who ALWAYS have a precise idea of what she wants, sooooo shopping becomes even more complicated since I barely NEVER find what I want… In winter, I am struggling sooooo bad to find the PERFET outfit : the one that is not too warn, not to cold, but in which you are comfy, because for me, the main thing in ‘outfit planning’ is being comfy. I really like being cosy in my clothes without having like 73 layers..

Here it is, the outfit post!


You might think : OH MY GOSH this is daring! Yes, it is, and I love it so much! I was looking for a coat like that for so long and couldn’t find the right one… I find it really hard to find the perfect winter coat, this is something pricy, and as you almost wears it every day you can’t be mistaken with it. Personally, I like to start looking for winter coat in October, as this is a difficult task for me, I have to find the right colour, the right size, the right shape, arrrrg! I started with basics shops : Zara, H&M, Mango, TopShop, but none of them had the yellow coat I was looking for. I really wanted a yellow coat and I was about to give up when the miracle happened! Found it, wooooop wooooop !!

I have always been obsessed with coats that go out of the mundane/the ones that draw your attention in the street (ya know). Red, pink, yellow, always good colours to be seen in the street, love that!

Brandy Melville Pullover : I saw it in the store and I HAD to buy it, this top is SOOooo comfy, so soft and warm. I’ve hesitated between this one and another blue one (since I already have like.. 45 grey pullovers) butttt couldn’t resist! There is always something different from one to another!! I felt like with this skirt, the combo was perfect, and not too dark.

Purple Skirt : I bought this skirt almost 2 years ago and wore it every time I don’t know what to go for! I really like styling it, whether it is in spring and it’s starts to be hot or in autumn when it’s starts to be cooler. It love wearing this skirt with some tights and white converses. When summer comes, I just took off the tight and wears it with a plain withe tee and some white converses as well. Love it!