The Day Has Come

I am so lucky I live in a neighborhood where all the houses are decorated for Christmas. I really feel that decorating a house for Christmas makes ALL the difference, it brings so much joy to everyone ! Every time I pass by, I can’t stop me to have a cheeky look at all those lights, even more that it is dark so early by this time of the year.

Last week, I went out and have the biggest photoshoot of all time, trying to capture most of the reindeer or Santa’s decoration I could find. I have to be honest, I was the only one over 10 years old this night, but, anyway, I enjoy my little moment!

I know perfectly well that every year, the same decoration are out, in front of people’s house, butttttttt, it’s always a pleasure to go and visit this neighborhood at night.

  • We always go driving around the town looking for well decorated houses, my mum goes mad but nobody else around us seems to! I wish my village went all out but a girl can dream, hey! I hope you had a fab Christmas!

    • Blandine June

      ahah ! Yesss, thand you, I hope you had one too !! x