My Christmas Tree


Okay, well, actually this is not MY Christmas tree as I’m still living at my parent’s house. Buttttt, I greatly participated to this task. Every year, I want to do the Christmas tree earlier and earlier, I REALLY think that the day I will live on my own, my Christmas tree would be up mid-November… We have NEVER bought a real tree, but only fake ones, first because this is so hard to clean every morning and second because we don’t want to participate to the deforestation! This year’s tree is a brand new, higher and bigger than the other one. 

My mum and I go to town with the decoration every year a little bit more! We pick up our favorites Santa, stars, bubbles, snowman and so on, this is usually how the Christmas tree is being made. We want to put, first : the brand new decorations, then : the funny ones, to finish : ‘Hooo, we have to hang them all’.

We don’t usually chose a ‘theme’ for the tree decoration. For the colours, we try to match as possible all of the decorations, but even if it doesn’t match very well at the end, we are so glad of our tree that : it doesn’t matterrrrr.

At home, we can’t do a Christmas tree without light set. We have tons of them, from white, to yellow, to multicolour ones. My mum even bought a red one for this years, I loooove it !