Let’s go back to the nude ! 🇬🇧


It has been a little while since I last did a makeup related post. When Spring comes, we all put away all of our : dark red / dark purple / black : makeup / nail polishes to welcome back the beautiful pink / light red / nude lipsticks. To be honest, I NEVER wear dark makeup / lipsticks / nail polishes because… I am not confident enough… I always go for the most SIMPLE thing you could imagine : NUDE. All of theses product have been tested and approved (of couuuuurse) and I just cannot share them with you, I am so in loooove.



Kiko – 918 : I think I have already talked to you about this one.. Can’t get over it, this is the best nude for me, it does not last very long but a little touch-up during the day is not a lot to ask! Annnnnnd, in addition to that, can we take a look at the price, for one sec?!! less than 4€, ok, I am running to buy some more!

Kiko – 27 : Okay so this nail polish is called « Nude », can we talk more about it? I really like the Kiko nail polishes because they last a good 5 days, and for the price that’s very good I think! It is a little lighter than the Formula X one but stilllllll good !

Formula X – Impeccable : A thing I could do every day if I had the time would be : paint my nails. I love it, having different colours on my nails every time is so cool, it instantly made THE difference. I am a nail polish collector so no one can stop me from buying nail polish! I bought this one on sale at Sephora, I really like the nude colour and it lasts a good amont of time.

Urban Decay – Naked 3 : This is (one of) the best present someone give to me, you cannot chose the best eye palette for me, all nude and very discreet, everything I like! The Urban Decay palettes are more on the pricy side but I feel like they are worth it!