Jewels lovin’

If you know me personally, you must know that I am OBSESSED with jewels, I always have to wear at least a watch, otherwise I don’t feel myself, and I feel naked – which is a problem haha -. I always have my watch, bracelets and my ring on. I find that jewels are accessories that makes THE difference, while wearing a basic outfit, it can makes it even fancier. Over the years, I have accumulate a lot of bracelets, rings and watches, buttttttt, I am always wearing the same… But it’s okay, they have a signification for me, either presents from friends or family. I really like collecting jewels, every time I go shopping, the first thing I do is : searching for new rings or new necklaces. However, I don’t like to spend a lot of money in jewels, but sometimes, I do make exception if a necklace or a ring is very very beautiful and I can’t wait to add it to my collection!

Speaking of collection, I barely don’t have anymore place to put rings or necklaces, maybe I need to stop?…


Have you ever seen a cactus as closely? Now you do, you’re welcome !



What about you, do you love jewels as much as I do? xx