It’s All About The Eyebrows


I don’t wear a lot of makeup, to be honest, I’ve never own / put a foundation everrrrr. My everyday makeup consists in basically : putting mascara and doing my brows. I really feel like doing my brows totally changes my face, I love having my brows drawn. For about a year now, every time I went to my local Sephora, I saw the Benefits corner with alllll of the brow products that I wanted sooooo bad to try… So, last week it finally happened, I bought it, and I am beyond gad I did actually.

So today, I wanted to show you my new find, just to tell you what I think about it, if it is really worth it and so on.


After having tested it for more than a week (just to be very sure ya know) I can approve it. This product last allllll day long, the colour is perfect for me – not too dark, not too bright – and the application is quite good as well, you don’t need that much product to cover all your brows and the fact that it comes with a little brush makes it very easier. The brush is very thin which permits you to follow your brow shape!


My conclusion : I really love this product, I do not regret buying it. Nevertheless, I think that paying almost 27€ for a brow product is very expensive. For the one of you who don’t want to spend that much on a product there are very good other brow product cheaper !