Halloween After Party


Last week-end, I went to my grand-parents’ house, where I found a lot of pumpkins! I just couldn’t resist to pick up some of them, because they are eatable (always good in a soup or cakes), or you can keep them for decoration in your house. I know Halloween is gone, but I wanted to show you my Halloween After Party. Welllll, actually, there wasn’t a party since I just stayed at home, but I did craved a pumpkin just to put in front of my house. I then keep the other ones to decorate my living room, it brings a little bit of colour in the place and this is soso autumnal!





Unintentional Outfit Post

Why not to include a cheeky outfit idea in this post? I just wanted to show you the outfit I was wearing during this week-end. This is currently my « go to » outfit. Every time I don’t know what to wear, my dungarees are always here, ready to be worn with some tights and boots.


The dungaree (59€/£52) : These ones are from Urban Outfitters, back in September. I saw them on the site but 59€, Urban Outfitters, really? Well, I couldn’t resist and I was looking for some dungarees like that for so long! I got them for 2 months now and I almost wear them once a week. This is the perfect time to wear them!

The stripes top (29€/£25) : I bought it in Zara, during the summer sales. It’s always good to have at least one little stripes top you can wear with everything. This one has little cufflinks which makes it look even more chic!

What have you done for Halloween, tell me ! x