Getting Some Fresh Air.


Sundays evenings, for me, always equals : being comfy at home with some sweatpants, watching YouTube videos. But last week, I have decided that I wanted to change that. It was a beautiful day and around 5 pm, I have decided to go out with my little brother to see the sunset in town. I live in such a beautiful town and almost never go out at late-evening to see whether it’s the sunset or the town when it’s dark outside. It was sooo beautiful, but quite busy, I didn’t thought I would see that many people outside ahah.

In Nantes, (the city where I live), there is a -not that- beautiful big tower which is 144 meters high, on the top of that tower there is a really fancy bar and an outside walkway which goes all around the tower, where you can see all of the city. (If you want more information, click here). We went on the top of that tower to see the sunset, and OMG I’m glad I have decided to take my camera to shot everything I saw!

The unplanned sunset post ! 





I’m so sad we can see all of the pollution in these images.