Fave Autumn Outfit


It’s that time of the year when it starts to be colder. From one day to another, it can be either very cold and rainy or very sunny. As I am the ‘’ outfit planning ‘’ kind of girl, when the autumn comes I am lost and I get to change my decision in the morning. I have recently been loving the suede skirt (as everyone right?). I can wear it everyday with everything. But one of my FAVE outfit look is this skirt with a white top, and preferably with my FAVE white top… Yes, it might be annoying to here that everywhere (sorry not sorry) but autumn is definitely my favorite season of the year : it starts to be cold but not that cold and the leaves start to be red : the thing I am dying for!



The skirt (25€ / £22) : This skirt is one of my favorite skirt of all time I think… As I said previously, I really start to be into suede skirt and I found this one the perfect one to me. It is very very comfy and it is the perfect size : I really don’t like the skirts which go just above my knees, I like them a little shorter, but not too much (yes I am complicated in terms of skirt, is there a problem?). I usually wear it with a white pull over or a black one, but I have to say I have a little preference for the white combination.

The Pull Over (50€ / £44) : White pull overs are essentials in life, you have to own at least one of them. It is so cosy and you can associate it with everything you want, either a skirt, a dress or even some jeans.

The boots : I have them for yearrrrrrs now and I still love them so much. I prefer theses kind of boots when they are not black, I found it more original, and as you can see you can wear them with everything, either a skirt with tights or jeans!




My ring (59€ / £52) : This ring is so sentimental, I love it so so much and it is so pretty, I have so many compliments about it every time I wear it (almost everyday I have to admit). I was always looking for this kind of ring in my life, and around 6 months ago, I have been given this one as a present, I am beyond happy every time I look at it!

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