Autumn Nails


Okay, we are for sure in autumn right now and I just couldn’t resist to show you my faves nails polish, you know the ones you always pick, without even be aware of it, yes those ones. Painting my nails is one of my favourite things to do, on Sunday afternoon when you have face and hair masks on, yaaaas! I always like to match the nail polish I am wearing with the season! I’m weird you say? Maybe…


Essie – Carry on (12€ / £8) : This is my little new one, I’ve worn it once yet but love it so much I couldn’t get away with including it in this post. I don’t usually wear dark, but this plum color got me so bad! I really really love the Essie ones, they are expensive but they last a good amont of time and the application is so good.


Miss Cop – n°39 : (3€ / £2.50) : You always need this kind of colour which goes with everything and is not that outstanding. The thing I dislike with this one is its brush, I find it too thin, which makes the application harder, but it’s okay!


Essie – Fall in Line (12€ / £8) : Well, everything is in its name, right? This is the perfect green/ grey/ wedon’treallyknow colour. Maybe it’s my nail polish but this one doesn’t last as longer as the previous one, this is weird!


Kiko – n°326 (3€ / £2.50) : I love the Kiko ones, the value for money is very good, and you can always find a colour you will like! I don’t like to wear black colours, that’s why I opted for this Metallic grey which is perfect for me.