2017 : I’m Coming For You

Another year has passed, we are now in 2017, and I am so exciteeeeeed! First of all, I hope you had the BEST time in 2016, I hope you have achieved all of your goals, and hope you have done everything you have wished for!

By the years, I have gave up the « goal » thing, you know, the things everyone do, just to well begin a year… but after 2 weeks, they give up. For the last few years, I didn’t do that, because I thought is was a lost of time… actually, I quite like it this year, so here we go : here are my 2017 : new year resolution. (I hope I’ll keep them!!)

  • Drink more water. I always forget to drink and it’s important to drink at least 1L a day, even when you’re not thirsty!
  • Do more sport. Actually I can’t do THAT much sport because I have a bad back but at least, I want to go swimming once a week, and running once a week too.
  • Eat more vegetables. I’m always going for the simple plan : potatoes, pasta, mash.. I definitely need to stop that and make efforts to eat brocolis, courgettes…
  • Read more. I love reading but I never take time to open a book, even if I have a lot in my bookshelf, ready to be read.
  • Dress better. I knowwwww, this is weird to say but : sometimes when I just need to go to town picking one thing, I’m going to go for the more simple outfit, whereas I could do more effort..
  • Wear more makeup on special occasion. I don’t wear makeup often, you should know that. But when I have parties, I need to get that makeup on fleeeeeeek!
  • Being organized. I am already kinda organized but, when it comes to school and exam period, I am lost, taken by the stress and the ‘omg I will do that tomorrow, I can’t start rn’..yesss…