I am leaving.

No, not the blog, but the country. Actually, as you’re reading this I am already away, but not far away from where I leave, I am in Ireland!!! Yaaaaaay. For…

My summer bikini

First step in London !

The Unexpected Strawberry Tart

Idées de cadeaux : fêtes des mè…

  Dans 3 jours déjà ??? La fête des mères arrive plus vite que je ne l’imaginais et pour le cadeau cette année je m’y suis vraiment prise au dernier moment..…

Embroidery EVERYWHERE!

The BIG Breakfast.

Birchbox / April 2017

Top three moisturizer

  To be honest, I do not moisturize at all, expect for my face. I might moisturize like…twice a year…maybe more in the summer but not much, really. In the summer,…

Let’s go back to the nude ! 🇬🇧

My studies.

Why converses are the best.