The skirt I’m in love with.

  I am not really the jeans kinda girl, I am much more into skirts and dresses. I love the way you can wear the same skirt for a couples…

Happy Halloween!

New Picks.

Being A Tourist In My Own Town

Nude…again and again.

I know, I know… nude, again. You have probably already seen > this < post where I talk about all things nudey I liked at the moment. Well, I am…

Dublin’s National Botanic Gardens

Hello, Dublin.

Cork, Ireland.

I am leaving.

No, not the blog, but the country. Actually, as you’re reading this I am already away, but not far away from where I leave, I am in Ireland!!! Yaaaaaay. For…

My summer bikini

First step in London !

The Unexpected Strawberry Tart